Travel & Sport – Make the most of your visit to a new city

The Best Way to Experience a City!

Do you have a trip to the USA coming up? 

Here at Travel Coordinates we believe the best way to enjoy your holiday is to experience the city you are staying and enjoying their favourite pastimes and events.

Our advice when travelling to the USA is getting yourself to a sporting game – they are a huge event in the states and a great way of immersing yourself in the local way of life.

How else would you know what ‘tailgating’ means to an American, or get chills listening to a packed stadium singing the The Star-Spangled Banner (USA national anthem)?


NFL Game: New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers, Oct 2015.  These were our seats – only 7 rows from the front!

We can arrange all sporting tickets for you – our clients have already enjoyed NFL, College Football, Major League Baseball, NHL and the NBA.  Plus we can access all other sports, just ask us what you are wishing to see and leave the rest to us!



Should you use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent…

In a world where you can get by online, the main question I get asked re my role in travel is… Why do people still need to use a travel agent?!  It is also common to hear ‘I can get it cheaper online / doing it myself’.

We believe that you should have a Travel Agent that you rely on like other services you book.  Why?  For the answers…. Read On!

Hayley & Alex (4 y/o) at Kensington Palace, London 2016

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Welcome to our Travel Blog

Travel Coordinates is an Australian-owned and operated, full-service Travel Agency.  We are based in the North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne in the Diamond Valley region.  We are not limited to this area as we operate from a virtual office – many of our clients can complete their travel bookings with us without leaving the comfort of their home!

Our Travel Blog will cover exciting Travel News, Product Reviews, Flight Tips, Cruising-1-0-1, Travel Specials PLUS highlight why using a Travel Agent is in your best interest to ensure the perfect holiday!  Here is just a sneak peak:

Itinerary Planning

Creating your dream holiday may sound like fun to some but it can also be a very stressful and time consuming process.  Why not chat to Travel Coordinates to get your dream off the ground and into a reality – we will make sure you get what you want from your holiday AND take the stress and time out of the planning.  It is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, let the experts handle this on your behalf!

Note: We get that some of you love the planning side of things, we are also available to assist in locking away your itinerary.  We have access to pricing and specials that are not advertised to the general population.  We can also ensure that you have the support and security of booking with a local travel agent.


The internet has enabled everyone to have access to booking their own accommodation, a Travel Agent will stay play a pivotal role in booking accommodation on your behalf.  Here is why:

  • Access to cheaper prices – despite what you may think, you actually don’t pay any more for using a Travel Agent, in fact you are likely to save!
  • Security with your booking – online platforms come with the risk of misleading information (pictures not reflecting reality), credit card fraud, overbooking (you turn up to your hotel and they have double-triple booked!)
  • No upfront payment – generally speaking you will only need to pay a deposit with final payment due in the weeks leading up to travel
  • Your $ stays here in Australia!  For the same price you can book online and your travel dollars can go into another economy OR at no additional cost to you, have an agent book your accommodation and your travel dollars stay right here supporting our local economy


With direct access into the Airline Reservation System we will source you the same flights that you can get online or direct with an airline.  Feel comforted knowing you are booking with Travel Coordinates and will be on the flight that best suits your travel needs.