Travel & Sport – Make the most of your visit to a new city

The Best Way to Experience a City!

Do you have a trip to the USA coming up? 

Here at Travel Coordinates we believe the best way to enjoy your holiday is to experience the city you are staying and enjoying their favourite pastimes and events.

Our advice when travelling to the USA is getting yourself to a sporting game – they are a huge event in the states and a great way of immersing yourself in the local way of life.

How else would you know what ‘tailgating’ means to an American, or get chills listening to a packed stadium singing the The Star-Spangled Banner (USA national anthem)?


NFL Game: New York Giants v San Francisco 49ers, Oct 2015.  These were our seats – only 7 rows from the front!

We can arrange all sporting tickets for you – our clients have already enjoyed NFL, College Football, Major League Baseball, NHL and the NBA.  Plus we can access all other sports, just ask us what you are wishing to see and leave the rest to us!



Tips for Travel with Kids

Top 5 Tips For Travel with Kids Under 5

Here at Travel Coordinates we are passionate about not letting kids get in the way of still experiencing your overseas holiday.  We have visited New York, Washington, Boston and Los Angeles with a 15 month old.  We then embarked on a 5-week French adventure with an 11-month and 2.5 year old PLUS grandparents!  New York (yes again, it is our favourite place!) with 15-month old, 3 year old + 21 year old (cousin).  And London and the UK with a 2 and 4 year old (and only 1 adult travelling!) and we would not change a thing!

Below Picture: Hayley, Andrew, Alex (3y/o) & Declan (11months) – exploring France, 2015.  Alex still has her Eiffel Tower that she proudly shows off in her room 2 years on…








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Should you use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent…

In a world where you can get by online, the main question I get asked re my role in travel is… Why do people still need to use a travel agent?!  It is also common to hear ‘I can get it cheaper online / doing it myself’.

We believe that you should have a Travel Agent that you rely on like other services you book.  Why?  For the answers…. Read On!

Hayley & Alex (4 y/o) at Kensington Palace, London 2016

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