Should you use a Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent…

In a world where you can get by online, the main question I get asked re my role in travel is… Why do people still need to use a travel agent?!  It is also common to hear ‘I can get it cheaper online / doing it myself’.

We believe that you should have a Travel Agent that you rely on like other services you book.  Why?  For the answers…. Read On!

Hayley & Alex (4 y/o) at Kensington Palace, London 2016

Why you should use the services of a travel agent:

  • Travel Agents are an All-Inclusive, ‘one-stop’ shop for all your travel requirements.  Flights, Accommodation, Tours, Cruises (river and ocean cruises), Day Trips, Transfers, Rail, Insurance – all of it!
  • Travel Agents don’t cost you more!  The prices are already included – and you may find you can get a better deal that’s personalised for you. You could be using Travel Coordinates friendly, professional service and advice for free!
  • Travel Agents can help in a crisis– while we hope you don’t have any problems on your holiday, you can be assured if you book with a TA you will have their support if you miss a flight, your hotel doesn’t have your booking – we will be here to problem solve on your behalf
  • Travel Agents have contacts – at Travel Coordinates we have a network of over 80 other home based agents all with a variety of experiences to draw upon.  We also have great supplier relationships that we can direct to should we have any concerns
  • Travel Agents don’t require upfront payment – unlike online bookings you have the flexibility to pay off your holiday over time. Plus there is usually a cooling off period – you can get a quote from us, have your holiday put on-hold for a period and confirm later. Avoiding the stress and anxiety of online ‘there’s only one left, pay now’ flashing chaos or needing to book the flight online, we can hold your booking for at least the day while you work through your schedule
  • Travel Agents will save you time– can you put a price on the hours you can save yourself searching the thousands of options online?!  Leave that to us and enjoy planning what you will explore on your adventure
  • Travel Agents can match online prices and can explain the ‘hidden’ costs you are at risk of booking online, plus explain advertised price differences to allow you to make an informed decision

We would love to discuss your holiday plans with you and ensure you get the most for the money you are investing.  Email us your details here and we will be in touch with you!

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