Tips for Travel with Kids

Top 5 Tips For Travel with Kids Under 5

Here at Travel Coordinates we are passionate about not letting kids get in the way of still experiencing your overseas holiday.  We have visited New York, Washington, Boston and Los Angeles with a 15 month old.  We then embarked on a 5-week French adventure with an 11-month and 2.5 year old PLUS grandparents!  New York (yes again, it is our favourite place!) with 15-month old, 3 year old + 21 year old (cousin).  And London and the UK with a 2 and 4 year old (and only 1 adult travelling!) and we would not change a thing!

Below Picture: Hayley, Andrew, Alex (3y/o) & Declan (11months) – exploring France, 2015.  Alex still has her Eiffel Tower that she proudly shows off in her room 2 years on…








1. Have realistic Expectations!  Don’t expect this is going to be 24 hours of flying time where you can sleep, watch endless movies and enjoy your meal!  It is hard work but if you expect the worst you won’t actually find it that bad.  Don’t expect to sleep, and if you have an infant on your lap, don’t expect to be able to eat easily either!

2. Be prepared – Research before you go on local chemists, shops, food locations, babysitters (!).  Preparation is super important for the flight.  Have a bag packed for the kids with changes of clothes, nappies, pull ups, medicine!, games (you can find small travel games for young ages), colouring in, special comfort toy/blanket

3. Book an apartment – Staying in an apartment gives you a welcome break that a hotel room does not offer.  It is especially helpful come bed time as you don’t need to be quiet or not watch TV worried that your little one will wake up.  Apartments don’t need to be expensive, plus you will save by stocking up on food for your stay and avoiding eating out for every meal.  Talk to us about our recommendations for your next family stay.

4. Plan your day with breaks / kid friendly activities – Kids will need time out to blow off energy.  A great morning for you looking at a museum or shopping is not going to cut it.  So plan on visiting the zoo, kids playground or any other kid friendly activity to give the kids some holiday time as well.  We have some great ideas of what to do with your kids when travelling – chat to us to find out more.

5. Hire local – Don’t add to the stress of the flight, leave your pram/car seat/cot at home and look at the long list of suppliers online that can help you source these items.  Hire local doesn’t end there, we wouldn’t keep sane without a night out in the big cities of Paris, New York and London without hiring the services of a baby-sitter.  There are many reputable agencies available – if you are concerned get recommendations from where you are staying.  Or even better, take the grandparents on a holiday with you and share the nights out / baby sitting duties between you!

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