How loyal should you be to your airline?

So if you are like most people, you are a member of one or more frequent flyer programs and depending on how often you travel, you may have managed to achieve a reasonable status.  You may have connected your credit card to the program as well so every time you go to the supermarket or full up at the pump you are getting more points.  Every time you plan another trip you start with the airline that you have the most status with it, but does that really make sense?   Here are Travel Coordinates 5 tips to decide how loyal you should be.

1.    The number of points you have

If you are looking to redeem points for your flights or looking to upgrade, then you will obviously want to fly on your favourite airline to enable you to do those things and therefore are more likely to be loyal to that airline or its partners.  So the more points you have the more loyal you will likely be.

2.    Cost is the only thing that matters

If you are cost conscious or are trying to get more into your budget whilst on holiday rather than getting there and home, then price will most likely outweigh your desire to stay loyal.  So if the best price is not on your airline, prepare for a little recognition at the gate but enjoy the extra nights, the special dinner or whatever else you choose to spend your money on.

3.    Flying when you want to is important

Your favourite airline will not always fly at your favourite time, don’t let the loyalty program drive your whole holiday schedule.  If your airline only flies out at midnight on a Tuesday and you really want to leave during the day on Friday, then get yourself on that airline that thinks the same way as you do and perhaps understand that you might be in row 52 rather than 24 but at least you got to your destination when you wanted to.

4.    You love a lounge

Fairly often your frequent flyer status will let you into lounges that allow you to shower, relax, eat and drink.  So if the price and convenience are not driving your decisions, the ability to access a lounge in the stop over or before you start your trek home will usually result in your choosing your loyalty airline.

5.    Depending on where you are flying

Not all airlines are made equal and depending on where you are going that can be even more obvious.  The National carrier will often have priority in terms of best times for take-off and landing as well as having the best connections throughout the country.

So when you make your next booking for an International flight, think how important all those points you have accumulated really are pick the airline that meets your needs.