Tips for Travel with Kids

Top 5 Tips For Travel with Kids Under 5

Here at Travel Coordinates we are passionate about not letting kids get in the way of still experiencing your overseas holiday.  We have visited New York, Washington, Boston and Los Angeles with a 15 month old.  We then embarked on a 5-week French adventure with an 11-month and 2.5 year old PLUS grandparents!  New York (yes again, it is our favourite place!) with 15-month old, 3 year old + 21 year old (cousin).  And London and the UK with a 2 and 4 year old (and only 1 adult travelling!) and we would not change a thing!

Below Picture: Hayley, Andrew, Alex (3y/o) & Declan (11months) – exploring France, 2015.  Alex still has her Eiffel Tower that she proudly shows off in her room 2 years on…








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