Cruising for all types

The Cruise Industry has so much to offer so many, there is a Cruise for you. Let me help you see why Cruising should be considered for your next holiday.


Small Ship Cruising
Tower Bridge, London

Luxury Small Ship Cruising

The beauty of small ship cruising is that you can step off right in the heart of your destination, opening the door to remarkable experiences.  With fewer guests, enjoy the opportunity to forge friendships with like-minded travellers.

Silversea Expedition Cruise
Expedition Cruising with Silversea Cruises

Expedition Cruising

Travel to untouched corners of the world, not accessible by land.  The seventh continent – the last untouched – is the coldest, driest, highest continent.  Let your senses be taken over by nature and wildlife.

River Cruising on Danube River
Budapest at Night | Credit: Matthew Waring, Unsplash

River Cruises

Enjoy all the conveniences of a traditional cruise, along with all the benefits of inland travel. Stopping in multiple destinations, you’ll visit bustling cities and hidden gem villages, only unpacking once. Onboard you’ll be immersed in the local sights, with ever changing views right outside your window.

Silver Wind in Ullapool Harbour.
Silver Wind in Ullapool Harbour

World Cruises

Want to see the World? An all-inclusive option without the hassle of land transfers and internal flights. PLUS in our new Covid world, the safest way to see the world.  My tip – Plan. Book ahead. Enjoy the world from onboard your cruise home unpacking just once!

Popular Destinations

Unbelievable sightseeing
Killer Whale, Alaskan Coast | Credit: Silversea Cruises

Cruising Alaska

One of the best parts of the world to witness and explore on water.  Access the coastline that you cannot do from land with a Cruise in Alaska

Cruising into New York
Arriving into New York | Credit: Silversea Cruises

Cruising the Americas

Sail down the Amazon, explore the Great Lakes of Canada, marvel at the Panama Canal. These are just some of the benefits of considering a Cruise within the Americas

R Paperno_ PhotoShelta
Mediterranean Cruising | Credit: Silversea Cruises

Cruising the Mediterranean

The most popular cruise itineraries are found in the Mediterranean. What is not to love – smooth sailing, perfect weather, amazing ports – the list goes on!  With an abundance of cruise itineraries from destination, length of cruise plus access to combine with other cruises (or river cruises!) in Europe, a Mediterranean cruise is the perfect itinerary solution

Villages in Northern Europe_PhotoShelter
Villages in Northern Europe | Credit: PhotoShelter

Cruising Northern Europe & The Baltics

Experience some of Europe’s most riveting cities and step instead a Medieval Fairytale. A cruise itinerary will include ports visiting Scandinavia, The Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania plus explore St. Petersburg without the Visa headaches you would be faced by travel onland!

Your Cruise Experience

Let me make the decision easy | Credit CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Best Cruise Line For Your

With so many Cruise Lines available how do you know the best Cruise Line for you?  This is where my advice and experience will guide you.

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash
Cruise with Confidence | Credit: Austin Kehmeier, Unsplash

Cruising and Covid-19

The safest way to travel in a Covid-19 world will be Cruising.  With strict health regulations, daily testing, onboard physicians and isolation rooms will be just some measures that will see cruising return stronger than before

"Those who Cruise LOVE IT. Finding the right Cruise for you is integral for ensuring you have a positive experience and want to continue cruising again and again. As a CLIA Ambassador it is my role to assist you in selecting the right cruise for you - from itinerary through to Cruise Line and Cruise Ship.
Hayley van Dinter - Travel Advisor
Hayley van Dinter
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) - Ambassador